Workplace Investigations

MFR Associates is adept at handling complex investigations into employee complaints of unfair treatment. We are equally skilled and experienced at investigating employers’ concerns regarding theft, fraud, and other employee misconduct.

Areas in which we provide investigation services include:

  • Workplace discrimination (e.g., age, disability, race, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation)
  • Workplace harassment (e.g., racial, sexual, religious, sexual orientation)
  • Hostile work environment
  • Retaliation
  • Employee misconduct
  • Ethics
  • Fraud
  • Employment law compliance (EEO, ADA, WLAD, etc.)
  • Whistleblower

Our firm has experience working with both large and small organizations regarding a wide variety of issues and complaints. Each situation is different. Some investigations are, by necessity, very complicated, involving multiple issues, numerous witnesses, and significant amounts of documentation. Others are more straightforward and may be completed in a very short time. Each is tailored to the organization’s needs, depending on the type of complaint(s) and other specifics, including the number of complainant(s) and respondent(s) and the jobs they perform. Regardless of organization size or the complexities of the matter at hand, each investigation is handled with the same thoughtful attention.

Ms. Reed and her firm have been selected for the projects which are more complex and where an experienced and thoughtful approach is required. The investigations have been conducted in a highly ethical and thorough manner consistent with the scope of the contract and delivered within the timeframe agreed to. Ms. Reed is quite exceptional at analyzing the variety of risks to the agency and working with me to develop the most effective investigative strategy.

Value Added

MFR Associates provides great value beyond simply reaching a conclusion on the merits of the complaint. Throughout the investigative process, MFR Associates continually reevaluates the organization’s circumstances and our strategies to ensure that the needs of the client are being served in a cost-effective manner. Many clients appreciate our ability to “survey the climate” of the organization while conducting the investigation. This can include evaluation of how work is accomplished, analysis of policies and procedures, relationship dynamics, and employees’ perceptions of the work environment. We are able to provide recommendations for moving the organization forward both during and after the investigation.

Maintaining a Positive and Productive Workplace

Workplace investigations can be time consuming and stressful for both employers and employees, detracting from a productive work environment. We offer a balanced and neutral approach that is methodical and efficient. Our team considers all of the issues, collects and analyzes all of the evidence, and provides conclusions and recommendations that are based on sound reasoning and knowledge of applicable law.

At the same time, we understand the importance of fostering trust between employees and employers. We strive to conduct investigations in such a way that everyone involved has confidence in the process and feels that he or she has been heard. Oftentimes this includes having the investigator present the results of the investigation to involved parties, either alone or in tandem with the employer. As can be seen in our references, it is not unusual for complainants to view the process favorably, even in cases where the complaint has not been validated.

More than just the investigation of the complainant’s claim, what was accomplished of equal importance due to Ms. Reed’s insight was a milestone in the development of trust between the complainant and management, where a schism had long existed.

The complainant felt she was in a hostile work group where she was misunderstood and unsupported. MFR’s investigator was able to thoroughly review the concerns. The complainant felt the investigator was ethical, sympathetic and fair – even though her claims were not verified.